Thursday, October 17, 2013

Why Does Target Want to Scan My ID?

Have you been to Target (a great store, by the way) within the past few years?  Have you bought wine, cold medicine, allergy medicine, or similar items?

I have.  And I was shocked at the clerk's actions.

She asked to see my ID, and I showed it to her.   (Does she really think I'm under 21?  Gee.  Thanks.)  But without further notice, she scanned my ID into the register.  WHAT?!   Where does that information go?  How long will it be before we hear of another hacking incident into Target's databases with thousands, but more likely millions, of IDs.  What is Target capturing?  Are they capturing my photo ID?  Are they capturing my eye color?  Just WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE and what are they doing with our information?

Well, apparently this is a growing concern for a lot of people.  Consumerist had an article on this same practice for nicotine patches. And from there, you will find links to a whole host of other information, including the granddaddy of them all:  A New York Times piece on what's going on here. 

The New York Times article is a must-read. Read it first before calling me and everybody else "paranoid."